Next terminology is used in this document (list not exhaustive):

ACS Automated Control System for Technological Processes;
ATPAR Accelerate Three-phase autoreclosing;
AR Automation Reclosing;
CD Compact Disc;
CBFP CB Failure Protection Device;
FOCL Fibre-optical Communication Line;
GPS Global Positioning System;
HF High-frequency;
NTP Network Time Protocol;
OLTC On-load tap changer;
PC Personal Computer;
PTE Rules of Technical Operation;
RSEI Rules of Electrical Equipment Installation;
RP and SA Relay protection and special automation;
PST Phase-shifting Transformer;
SS Substation;
WS Workstation;
TL Transmission Line;
TC Transformer of current;
TT Transformer of tension;
TPAR Three-phase Autoreclosing;
SCMS Terminology Substation Control and Monitoring System;
UPS Uninterruptible power supply;
SPAR Single-phase autoreclosing;
VIA Voltage increase Automation;
DBRS Device of backuping at the refuse switches;
ARI Automatically the repeated including;
DDT Differential defense of tires;
DDB Differential defense of bus arrangement;
ROC Regulation on current;
DD Distance defense ;
MCD Maximal current defense;
AIR Air isolated switchgear;
SG switchgear;
SIAB SDC FLD FLI R.u CS BCS AEAO UAEAO AIS SON Spare instruments and belongings; Shield of direct current; Fixing of line disconnecting; Fixing of line including. Relative Unit Connecting switch Bus connecting switch Automatic elimination of asynchronous operation Unbalance automatic Terminology elimination of asynchronous operation Air isolated switchgear Shield of own needs

4.3 Table of these technical devices, equipment, systems, subject delivery on substation 330 kV «Zhovtneva» in accordance with a nomenclature and amount of supplied with an equipment (see is the special technical requirements)

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